Shepard Fairey – ‘An Exhibition of Fine Art Print’

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Outer Edge x Toyroom

In a bit of a pleasant surprise, the good folks over at Toyroom Gallery and Outer Edge Studio have combined forces to present ‘Shepard Fairey: An Exhibition of Fine Art Print’, now on view in Sand City, CA. The retrospective printed matter show features a stunning collection of HPM’s, large format serigraphs and prints on metal and paper. Running the gamut from older classic pieces to more recent, the comprehensive collection is an accessible look at the last decade of works produced by Fairey and Studio Number One. The show, which opened last night (Friday, August 26th), coincides with the Sand City Westend celebration and is sure to be the talk of the weekend long event. ‘An Exhibition of Fine Art Print’ will be on view until September 30th, get a look at the setup for the show and some of our favorite works, below.

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