Ken Garduno at LeBasse Projects Chinatown

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Ken Garduno

Los Angeles-based illustrator Ken Garduno recently shared his Spanish Novela inspired series with “Golden Structure” at LeBasse Chinatown. In his first solo exhibition with LeBasse, Garduno chose to explore the definition of modern relationships by exaggerating the melodrama of real-life love stories. Literally, Remaining faithful to his 60s-70s nostalgic style and sexually tense subject matter, “Golden Structure” alludes to the structure of romantic ideals and how our feelings come into play. With titles like “Vulnerability”, “Encased”, and “Slow Decay”, Garduno’s new cool-toned mixed media artworks tell the tale of emotional disintegration between a man and woman. “Golden Structure” by Ken Garduno exhibits at LeBasse Chinatown, Downtown Los Angeles, CA, from August 19 – September 10th, 2011. – Caro

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