‘Street Art Saved My Life’ at CAVE Gallery

by Ken HarmanPosted on


With the historic MoCA street art show now officially at a close, the folks from Brooklyn Street Art are teaming up with LA’s Thinkspace and C.A.V.E. Galleries to keep the momentum going with ‘Street Art Saved My Life.’ The show is an interesting concept and definitely serves as one of the more thought out ones from recent memory. 39 (mostly NYC) artists have been selected by BSA for their consistent use of narratives in their work; artists who utilize the streets as a forum for their stories and storytelling are the focus. The inclusion of both established and emerging artists, along with the intriguing concept, make this more than your standard street art show and it looks to be a great alternative view of the scene. The show opens tonight, Friday, August 12th at C.A.V.E. and will be on view until September 4th.


Chris Stain


Dan Witz


Rene Gagnon

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