Olek’s ‘The Bad Artists Imitate, The Great Artists Steal’ Opening Night Photos

by JL SchnabelPosted on

Upon turning down 20th street towards Jonathan LeVine Gallery, we encountered an on site Olek installation: a lone shopping cart, attached with a thick chain to a street signed, was completely covered in neon crochet. Inside, a motionless person also completely bound in colorful yarn, huddled within, folded into a neat origami of limbs and silence. Passersby on their way to the train stopped and photographed the performance as gallery goers were filled with an exciting anticipation; Olek had arrived with her crocheted cosmos of objects, including a full living room. Adjoined to this was the Annual Summer Invitational, featuring works from Eric Fortune, Edwin Ushiro and Melissa Haslam. View more images of this incredible installation along with opening night photos below.

Jonathan LeVine with Olek

Gallery visitors

Maléna and artist Adam Wallacavage

Artists Martin Wittfooth, Billy Norby and Jason Yarmosky

Installation from artist Above

Artist Jennifer Delilah

Artist Yuko Shimizu

Artist Edwin Ushiro

Artist Eric Fortune

Artist Nicoletta Ceccoli

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