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Hi Fructose recently got wind of a unique installation by Luke O’Sullivan and company in Boston (last seen here). Their installation, entitled “Lovesick Café,” was created using salvaged materials and screen-printed wood. The group, called !ND!V!DUALS, creates site-specific installations typically inhabited or characterized by surreal situations and rather bizarre creatures. Their group, though humorous in nature and delivery, exhibits an innovation and certain inventiveness with their detailed craftsmanship. This excellent handiwork in turn showcases the humor, playfulness, and savagery that this time they are calling “Lovesick Café” – guaranteed to serve the most exotic and creative dishes in the city. Join Hi Fructose as we get an exclusive view into these creative chaps’ inventive world.

The text below is a blurb the group placed at the bottom of a large vinyl printed menu on the gallery wall. It was written as an artist/show statement:

“Lovesick Café is a delicious blend of savory insides and salvaged decor. We are proud to serve fresh, locally grown, and organic cuisine. (warning) The employees are predators and are not to be disturbed. The cute, prickly, green furred creatures are savages.”

O’Sullivan continues, “The idea of the show is that the green furry creatures are hunting humans to serve in their restaurant. The furry guys behave and interact similarly to humans, mostly domestic, and are civil but with a penchant for violence. All of the art we make is site-specific installation. We love the idea of re-imagining the gallery and using the history and unique qualities of the space. The Extension Gallery was an old apartment that overlooked Harvard Avenue. The concept of creating a restaurant was discussed over a 20-piece Chicken McNugget dinner. None of the creatures have names except the head chef who is appropriately named Bruno. Other characters remain with their working titles such as The Gimme Guy, Cadaver, Mouth Guy, Pooping Guy, etc.”.

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