Studio Visit with Sergio Mora

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

We recently featured the paintings of Sergio Mora here on the site, and the Barcelona based painter was kind enough to have us in his studio. Fittingly nicknamed La nave espacial, or The Spaceship, Sergio’s workspace is the site of the artist’s many creative explorations. Sergio is primarily known for his pop-surrealist paintings, but he has also illustrated an extensive bibliography of children’s books–with titles like La caca mágica (or, The Magic Poop) and My Tattooed Dad–that indulge the naive side of the fantastical juxtapositions in his other work. 

Constantly searching for new avenues to apprehend the bizarre, Sergio paints surrounded by musical equipment, leopard print fabrics, masks and other curiosities. Just as his paintings resonate with theatricality, Sergio’s other endeavors venture into the realms of spectacle and performance. He is the founder of the band Los Toros, who performed theatrical surf renditions of Spanish classics for his solo show, “Typical Spanglish,” an exploration of cultural versus individual identity. Nastia Voynovskaya surveys the new frontiers of La nave espacial below.

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