Behind the Scenes by Leslie Ditto

by Ken HarmanPosted on

When we first saw a preview of Leslie Ditto’s latest work, we simply need to know more about the dynamic piece. Luckily, Leslie has documented a step by step look into the creation of her “golden calf”, view the progress pics after the jump and read her words regarding her process below.

“With a religious theme from the Bible I decided to offer my views of the well known story in Exodus of the golden calf. In my piece ” entranced multitude” I wanted not only to have my painting portray my perceptions of what I consider the modern day “golden calf” but for the frame work to have characteristics of a cathedral type altar using child related elements. The piece will be on display at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica from July 29th through Aug 6th along with a group of other amazing artist’s work depicting this intriguing religious theme.”

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