The Art of Tessar Lo

by Zach TutorPosted on

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamtof in your philosophy” Hamlet exclaims to his best friend after seeingthe ghost of his father at the end of Act 1 of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.The statement sets the tone for the rest of Hamlet but more so, itputs into words the mystery of art quite exquisitely. Tessar Lo’sart is a perfect example of things whichwords cannot describe. They are living dreams, placed upon canvasesby unforeseen forces brewed deep within Tessar’s imagination. Andthough philosophy seeks to explain such magic, the words are best leftunsaid as the beauty of the work, the actual piece you see in front ofyou – defying all logic – is real. It is a real thing. Tessar livesand works in Toronto, Canada. – Zach Tutor

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