Studio Visit with Amaia Arrazola

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Interweaving pen-and-ink drawings with threads, fabrics and other materials, Amaia Arrazola takes a decidedly handmade approach to her illustrations. Her quirky, asymmetrical characters, surrounded by abstract patterns and textures, recall the world of folk art and crafting. Furry animals and humans bundled up with winter wear float over minimal backgrounds, glancing askance with blasé expressions that add a sense of mystery to their warm, cozy nature.

Amaia currently has some drawings and paintings on vinyls and cassette tapes on display in the group show “Lucy in the Mad World with Manson,” organized by fellow artists Crajes at Barcelona’s Sho gallery. Having just finished her masters in design, she took some of her time off to invite Nastia Voynovskaya into her studio. Check out more work below.

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