Nathan Ota and RISK at 111 Minna – Opening NIght

by Ken HarmanPosted on

About a year ago an unexpected occurrence did what many unpredicatable things do, it happened. Two former high school buddies randomly met up back together. One, Kelly Graval, had pursued a successful career as a graffiti artist, climbing the LA graff scene’s hierarchy in such crews as MSK and his own WCA, and most recently for his involvement with the MOCA Art in the Streets exhibit. The other, Nathan Ota (aka COOZ), had put his graff on the back burner, pursuing a career in the fine art academia. As we covered a few months back, the two friends recently reconnected and have been making work fusing their graff and painterly styles (seen here).

The two have over the past year created a stunning body of work, which is now on view at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. Hi-Fructose swung by last weekends opening, get a look at the show and opening night pics below.

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