Handiedan: White Walls Mural Project

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Unit 44 in Newcastle Upon Tyne has been running an impressive mural project, ‘White Walls’ the last few months bringing in some notable street artists such as ROA and Kid Acne to bless the compound’s massive exterior. Last month the project brought on a surprise guest, Dutch collage artist Handiedan (see our recent studio visit here), who, with the help of Long Beach’s Phone Booth Gallery, installed a massive wheatpaste of her recognizable pin ups. As unexpected as the pairing may be (Handiedan not being a street artist) the use of glue and paper in both collage and wheatpasting are the one and the same, and the results look equally impressive. Stay tuned for more info on Handiedan’s upcoming show with Phone Booth later this year, and check out some images from the mural project below.

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