Sink or Swim – Charity Fundraiser

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Rhys Cooper

Opening July 16th at Tokyo’s M-Daikayama Gallery is another great fundraiser show, ‘Sink or Swim.’ Curated by and benefiting the Japanese organization PangeaSeed, a non-profit dedicated to bringing the shark-finning issue to light. While there are a lot of great organizations dealing with similar causes, PangeaSeed’s focus on bringing the issue to light in the East makes it uniquely notable as they’re taking the battle to the front lines where items such as shark fin soup are consumed in greatest quantities. If you’re not familiar with the issue, over 80 million sharks are caught each year, only to have their fins cut off and the still alive animals tossed back into the ocean to drown. Needless to say ‘Sink or Swim’ is a show and a cause we can get behind. Featuring some of our favorite artists such as Dave Kinsey, Dan May, Jessica Ward, Skinner, Brad Klausen, Rhys Cooper, Clint Wilson and about 35 more, the show opens on Japan’s Ocean Day, and runs until July 22nd.

Jessica Ward

Dan May

Dave Kinsey


Clint Wilson

Tim McDonagh

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