The Art of Crajes

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Devout cinephiles and obsessed comic book collectors, theBarcelona-based creative collective Crajes create paintings and mixed mediaworks that wrap horror-movie grotesqueness in a soft coat of pastel colors andtraditionally feminine elements. Since 2009, Carla Rendón and Jessica Ruiz haveworked together under one name and in one studio, sharing David Lynch DVDs andafternoons scavenging the flea market for inspiration.

Apart from collaborating on drawings and paintings, Crajescurate art shows, like “Post It Show Barcelona,” which we mentioned earlier. Their upcoming group show “Lucy in the Mad World with Manson,” which opens June 1 atthe gallery Sho Bcn, invites artists to paint on vinyl records according to the eclectictheme: “Alice in Wonderland” meets “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” meetsCharles Manson–in short, a mixture of insanity and innocence. Nastia Voynovskaya visitsthe studio of Crajes and to check out some of their works in progress.

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