Edward Walton Wilcox – ‘The Taciturn Sea’

by Ken HarmanPosted on

“My Vessel Slipped Beneath the Taciturn Sea”

2011 – 13 x 32 inches

Following his recent showings at Seattle’s Roq la Rue (seen here) and San Francisco’s ArtPadSF (seen here), Edward Walton Wilcox returns to Los Angeles’ Merry Karnowsky Gallery this weekend for ‘The Taciturn Sea.’ Though the artist’s haunting landscapes speak softly, their words are grossly impactful, and even when indistinguishable, arouse an ominent sense of inexplicable dread. Journey into the artist’s subconscious this Saturday, June 25th, the show will be on view until July 23rd.

Der Intrepinden Rower,

2011 – bitumen on panel – 8×10 inches

Swallow Trap

2011, graphite on gesso panel, 7×6 inches

“The Secret I Keep in the Red River Grows”

2011, bitumen and tempera on panel, 20×30 inches

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