Melissa Forman and John Brophy at Roq la Rue

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Melissa Forman – “Distant Echoes And A Newly Discovered Growth”

Opening this Friday night, June 10th, at Seattle’s Roq la Rue is a new two person show featuring painters extraordinaire Melissa Forman and John Brophy. The artists’ oil on panel works are both delicate and surreal, their precise renderings and mastery made all the more impactful by their subject matter which straddles the fine line of being both beautiful and controversial. In addition to this being one of the most compelling shows opening this month, the date also happens to mark Roq la Rue’s 13th anniversary, giving yet another reason to visit the gallery this weekend. View a comprehensive preview of the show, here on Hi-Fructose.

John Brophy – “The Daughter Of Vulcan”

Melissa Forman – “Whispered Truths And A Long Awaited Ascension”

John Brophy – “The Mantra Waterfall”

Melissa Forman – “A Magical Metamorphosis And Moments Of Wonder”

John Brophy – “The Witching Hour”

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