The Glue Society’s “I Wish You Hadn’t Asked”

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Who would go thru all the trouble of building a house then making it rain INSIDEuntil it deteriorates then giving people raincoats to check it out?Only the Glue Society! Last time we saw the Australian collective of designers and artists was back in the HF Collected Edition Vol. 2 (as well as here, here and here on the site), and we’re happy to see that the eccentricity continues this month in Denmark with “I Wish You Hadn’t Asked.” For this new project, The Glue Society has constructed a fully functional house in Aarhus, and for the month of June is making it rain continuously indoors, with the resulting decomposition of the building being observable both inside and out. We’ll be catching up with them in a couple weeks to see how it goes, but in the meantime check out the house and the rain that has just begun!

Photography courtesy of Nicolai Lorenzen

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