Olek’s “Knitting is for Pu****”

by Emily BroughPosted on
Master mistress of guerrilla crocheting, aka “yarnboming,” Olek (last seen here), has just closed her first solo show at the Christopher Henry Gallery in NYC after an eight-month stint. In its last days, I had a chance to stop by and see the spectacle — a studio apartment completely covered in yarn, re-created on the gallery’s second level. From the walls to the toilet to the hair dryer, every surface was crocheted in Olek’s signature bright camo patterns. More intimate features included framed photos of her interactive projects, some personal accessories, as well as graphics from actual text messages sent by friends and lovers. The installation was so life-like that I couldn’t help but wonder if at night, she came in, peeled off one of her signature crocheted body suits and laid herself to rest dreaming of a yarn-covered universe. We can’t wait to see what awaits this artist at her next solo exhibition this summer at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC. – Emily Brough

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