Barcelona’s Ilu-Station Festival

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Paul Paetzel, Ana Albero and Till Hafenbrak

On Thursday, Barcelona’s Galería Miscelanea kicked off the10-day illustration festival, Ilu-Station, with a new show by Berlin-basedcollective Biografiktion. Biografiktion’s comic-inspired mixed-media works and playful,character-based drawings make a perfect complement to the festival’s DIYaesthetic. Now in its third year,Ilu-Station shines the spotlight on self-published books, comics and zines withan extensive program of art shows, workshops and book fairs in Miscelanea andother locales.

Composed of Ana Albero, Till Hafenbrak and Paul Paetzel, Biografiktionunites the distinct styles of its members through their shared sense of humor. Manyof the drawings in the show can be seen in their zines and illustrated books,such as their fictional biography of Eddie Murphy or their chronicle ofunearthly happenings, Human News. Animal-human hybrids, muscular beach bods andvinyl records populate Biografiktion’s fluorescent fantasy world. NastiaVoynovskaya surveys the works from their new show below.

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