To Become Myself: New Work by Nate Frizzell

by CaroPosted on

Nate Frizzell

Artist Nate Frizzell opened his third solo exhibition with the LeBasse Projects earlier this month (previewed here). To Become Myself, the first solo by an artist at LeBasse’s new Chinatown art space, is also Nate Frizzell’s first time exhibiting charcoal artwork on paper. Working with familiar themes, portraits, and his animal mask imagery, Nate continues his exploration of self-discovery since his last LeBasse exhibit, I Should Know Who I Am By Now (covered here).  By moving away from the oil on canvas paintings he has become well-known for, To Become Myself offers a soft, monochromatic peek into the artist’s future. “I wanted to try something different. The last time I used vine charcoal was probably in art school, so this was a real learning experience,” Nate told Hi-Fructose at the opening. Nate added that he would like to exhibit more charcoal work, and try mixing it with new mediums. To Become Myself exhibits at Lebasse Chinatown, Downtown Los Angeles, CA, from May 13 – June 4th, 2011. – Caro

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