ArtPadSF – Part Two

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Poolside at the Phoenix

Following yesterday’s survey of this past weekend’s inaugural ArtPadSF, we’re now ready to delve deeper in the fair’s multiple rooms. As we already gave the fair glowing reviews, there’s no real point in talking much more on the matter, so if you need to catch up, check out yesterday’s post here, and get a further tour of the works shown below.

Barry McGee at Park Life

Mars-1 at 111 Minna

Fernando Chamarelli at Anno Domini

Kevin Cyr at White Walls

Andrew Schoultz at Marx and Zavattero

Camille Rose Garcia at LaunchLA

Guy Overfelt at Ever Gold

Eddie Colla

Misako Inaoka at Johansson Projects

Mayumi Hamanaka at Swarm Gallery

detail view

Sam Wolfe Connelly at Spoke Art

Mercedes Helnwein at LaunchLA

Erin Dyer at Guerrero Gallery

John Casey at Swarm

Alan Bamberger, Blek le Rat, Apex, Eine and Justin Giarla at a roundtable discussion on street art

Tune in tomorrow for our tour of the ArtMrkt fair!

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