Studio Visit with Alëxone

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Inhabited by green elephants, eye-less ducks and poodlescruising in low-riders, Alëxone’s artworks combine playfulness with a somewhat grotesquesense of humor. Since the artist’s early graffiti days in the Parisian suburbs,his world of anthropomorphized animal characters has evolved into a full-fledgedalternate universe that invades our own in his latest body work. Alëxonecurrently prepares a series of drawings on photos for his upcoming solo show,which opens May 5 at Galerie LJ in Paris. His candy-colored animals take over snapshotsof everyday scenes, casually glancing at a newspaper on the metro ornonchalantly smoking at a bar. Nastia Voynovskaya visits Alëxone in his studio, where he experiments with fabrics and puts the finishing touches on his mixed-media photos.

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