Jolly B 13 at Illiterate Gallery

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Jason Limon

Exploring duality of the number 13, its ominous overtones and superstitious suggestions alongside its more positive attributes in the Sikh and Hindu religions, ‘Jolly B 13’ presents an intriguing cross sectioning of art from thirteen leading artists. Much like the number can be perceived in many ways, the new contemporary art movement too depicts multiple sides of oftentimes the same coin. From pop-surrealism to street art, outsider art to contemporary folk, Jeremy Pruitt’s latest show at Illiterate Gallery depicts the polished and the loose, the stylized and the improvised. Get a look at contributions by Travis Lampe, Jason Limon, Meggs, Gabriel Shaffer, Betsy Walton, and more below.

Travis Lampe


Betsy Walton

Gabriel Shaffer

John ‘Yoyogi’ Fortes

Ryan Bubnis

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