Post It Show Barcelona

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Edu Bertone

Originally conceived as a Giant Robot group show, the concept of affordable, easy, and versatile Post-It art has now manifested its universal appeal with the Post It Show: Barcelona. Organized by creative collective Crajes, and put on at Atticus Gallery, the Spanish show has gained momentum and is now pulling in a roster worthy of any gallery in Chelsea or Culver City. Hi-Fructose’s own Nathan Spoor, Luke Cheuh, Bob Dob, Jason Levesque and Mari Inukai all have contributions to the show, as well as an exciting looking selection of emerging Spanish artists. Hi-Fructose has gotten an exclusive look into a few of the Post Its that will be on display this coming May 5th, check them out below.

May Ann Lucide

Nathan Spoor

Jason Levesque


Le Merde

Tran Nguyen

Luke Cheuh

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