Barcelona’s Finest

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Flooding walls, shutters and canvases with neon colors andabstract forms, the art of Zosen, H101, Kenor and Göla radiates its up-beatenergy from the metal and concrete surfaces of Barcelona’s gritty industrialneighborhoods. The artists currently prepare for their upcoming groupexhibition, “Barcelona’s Finest,” which debuts April 16th at GalerieCelal in Paris, as well as a book release and a marathon of workshops and performances leading up to the date.

Though Zosen, H101, Kenor and Göla havedecidedly different takes on abstraction, their common love of a fluorescent colorpalette allows their individual styles to converge on the street and in the studio. Theupcoming exhibition features their individual works, as well as a large-scale collaborativepainting and smaller pieces reminiscent of the game Exquisite Corpse, in whicheach participant continues the painting of the one before. Zosen, Kenor and H101invited Hi-Fructose into their workspace, an enclave of a former factory that now servesas a studio and spray-paint practice space for an entire community of visualartists. Nastia Voynovskaya previews the works of “Barcelona’s Finest” below.

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