“Quentin vs. Coen” Opening Night Photos

by JL SchnabelPosted on

Featuring the collective works of over 100 artists, Bold Hype Gallery opened its doors for ‘Quentin vs. Coen’ this past Thursday night to an epic crowd, who clustered in the hallway waiting for their glimpse into the new imaginings inspired by the cult films of visionary directors Quentin Tarantino and The Coen Brothers. The works varied in medium and style, each depicting a scene, character or even object from one of the films in each director’s repertoire. The results of such a varied inspiration point led to portraits of beloved yet flawed figures such as Mia Wallace & the chilling Anton Chigurh, as well as felted plush weapons and satirical screen prints of re-imagined movie posters.

Evan B. Harris


Greg Gossel

Casey Weldon and Jason Vivona

Charlie Immer and Tessa Morrison

Jesse Riggle and Derek Gores

Artist Edith Lebeau

Lucas Gluesenkamp and Scott Scheidly

Peter Adamyan

Artist Sandi Calistro

Steve Seeley, Tatiana Suarez and Kenyon Bajus

Audrey Pongracz

Roll and Tumble Press

Artists Edith Lebeau and Jeremy Hush

Tatiana Suarez and Ewelina Ferruso

Artist John Felix Arnold III

Brandon Schaefer

Gene Guynn

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