Barnaby Barford’s “Love Is…”

by Ken HarmanPosted on

When we last saw Barnaby Barford (HF Vol. 8), the ceramics artist had just completed his epic and sprawling Battle for Trafalgar Square (seen here) and we were quick to wonder what theme or issue the talented sculptor would tackle next. Now on view at David Gill Galleries in London, Barford’s “Love is” confronts the relationship between pornography and lust, childhood innocence and corruption, sexual freedom and prudity.

In some of our favorite pieces from the show, a small child sits innocently in front of a two way mirror. The child’s look, and medium, convey the cuteness of a gift shop trinket geared towards grandmothers and display cases. When the switch is flipped however, an x-rated peep show appears in all its red light district glory. Amid the orgies, philandering and voyeurism, Barford’s stark juxtaposition between cute and crass provides for a compelling and highly recommended show.

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