Jonathan Viner and Elizabeth McGrath Preview

by JL SchnabelPosted on

Tomorrow night at Sloan Fine Art in NYC is the double opening of Jonathan Viner’s ‘Computer Science’ & Elizabeth McGrath’s ‘The Folly of St. Hubertus.’ Viner’s work explores the colors and landscapes of his childhood via portraits of computer science majors from the 1970’s; of people who went on to shape the texture of the modern world. The reference material that served as the stimulus for the new work was culled from the internet, a deliberate choice to illustrate how technology has influenced a new generation of artists who continue to work in traditional methods such as oil painting. In contrast is Elizabeth McGrath’s solo, forlorn eight legged stag sculpture, glittering with crystalline skin and pierced with golden arrows. The piece reflects a re-imagning of the legend of St. Hubertus, the patron Saint of hunters.

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