James Reka – Down Low, Too Slow

by Nathan SpoorPosted on

We’ve been keeping up with Melbourne, Australia artist James Reka (RekaOne) since his appearance in HF v.17. It seems the artist has been taking a moment from his busy creative schedule to work out a new series of paintings for his upcoming solo exhibit at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, March 25 – April 3.

This exhibit, titled “Down Low, Too Slow,” features a new body of work created in a somewhat looser style than we’ve seen previously. Reka’s color usage is a bit brighter and the strokes appear more dynamic and playful. “This show is an exploration of the inner child within us all: that tiny, giggling voice that we regularly suppress as we blow out the birthday candles,” the artist relates. The exhibit features not only paintings, but a large installation made from wood and found materials. With this addition, the artist wishes the viewer to impress their own childhood memories onto the works – in hopes of enticing their inner child to come play. – Nathan Spoor.

Backwoods Gallery
Melbourne, Australia
March 25 – April 3


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