New Works by Hannah Stouffer

by Ken HarmanPosted on

“Key of Solomon”

Looks like it’s been a busy month for SF-based Hannah Stouffer. In between a complete studio relocation the gifted illustrator and artist found time to participate in two stellar shows, the first being a small solo, ‘Myth’ at the Belljar Shop (for their three year anniversary, congrats!) and the second being our favorite group show of the month, ‘The Letter Collector’ over at Gallery Hijinks.

Stouffer’s impeccable line-work and stark imagery remains as constant as ever, though her imagery varies between the two showings, her gilded letters for ‘The Letter Collector’ are upon first glance fragile, decorative and delicate, a nice segue to the more obviously demonically inspired and attractively twisted pieces for ‘Myth’. Get a look at both bodies of works below.


“High Ceremony”


“The Idea of the Holy”


“The Numinous”

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