Gary Baseman and Andy Kehoe at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

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Group shot of artists in attendance

Jonathan LeVine gallery’s double opening of solo shows by artists Gary Baseman and Andy Kehoe was filled with the celebratory buzz of a mixed East coast and West coast crowd. Each room was filled with the distinct, visionary works of each of the artists represented and Hi-Fructose was in attendance to cover the opening. Take a peek at more opening night photos below.

‘Walking Through Walls’ marks the artist’s second show with the gallery and his first in NYC in six years. While the work incorporates the artists trademark style and bulbous characters, a new gloom has set into his compositions with the inclusion of a pervasive gray color and ghoulish imagery. A vintage image of a small young girl dressed in a primitive ghost costume haunts nearly every work, whether in her original photographic form or re-painted by Baseman. Hanging within the center of the gallery, she is printed ominously on a piece of neutral toned fabric that shrouds an unseen painting beneath, alluding to the practice of veiling all of the mirrors within a home after the passing of a loved one.

Jay Bentley and Natalia Fabia dressed as characters from the paintings.

Ron Dominguez with artists Adam Wallacavage and Natalia Fabia

Artists Travis Louie and Angie Mason

Gallery guests

Gary Baseman

Gallery guest, singer-songwriter, Josh Groban.

Gary Baseman with Jonathan LeVine

Baixo Ribeiro + Mariana Pabst-Martins, of Choque Cultural Gallery in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Andy Kehoe and Jonathan LeVine

Andy Kehoe’s newest body of work ‘Strange Wanderings’ showcases his mastery of a moody, earth toned color palette that illuminates the lyrically narrative acrylic and oil paintings. The rich woodlands he envisions in each work captivating characters that combine the mysterious natures of forest creatures with the dress and demeanor of humans. Paired in strange couplings or lonely amidst the autumn landscapes the figures encounter strange apparitions and unlikely friends.

Artist Ron English

Maléna Seldin and artist Martin Wittfooth

Andy Kehoe

Tara McPherson with Sara Antoinette Martin

Artist Jon Todd

Images of the artwork courtesy of the gallery.

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