Warhol Reimagined

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Charmaine Olivia

Last weekend saw the packed beyond capacity opening of “Warhol Reimagined” brought to San Francisco by our friends at the aptly named Warholian. The group show is a veritable who’s-who of San Francisco’s up-and-coming and art elite, all reinterpreting their favorite Warhol works. From soup cans to Marilyns, “Warhol Reimagined” re-contextualizes the master’s masterpieces from pop back to fine art and is currently on view at Project One.

Editor’s Note: Warholian has just announced a fundraising event, Sketch for Japan, that will be happening this coming Monday, March 21st. More info here.

Kelly Tunstall

Eddie Colla

Chor Boogie

Robert Bowen

Dave MacDowell

Peter Adamyan

Jessica Hess

Megan Wolfe

Ferris Plock

John Felix Arnold III

Warholian’s Mike Cuffe and Lyrica Glory

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