Everything But the Kitsch ‘N Sync – Opening Night

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Left to right: Greg Brotherine (“Listening In”), Bob Doucette (“When Betty Met Bosco”), Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros (“Drunk on Love”, “The End”, “The True Ending: Princes”, “The True Ending: Princesses”), Frijol Boy (“Syncing Up”, Stop and Smell the Flowers”, “UHOH”)

Last Friday, March 4th, La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles opened their massive “Everything but the Kitschen Sync” group exhibition, bursting with over 300 artworks by underground artists and better knowns. Now in its 14th year, the exhibit is a celebrated platform for artists from every walk of life to showcase new work and techniques.

Young artist JAW Cooper has exhibited in “Everything But The Kitschen Sync” before, this time with a slick painterly style. We both marveled at the sheer size and impact of the show, a work of art in its own right as an endless mosaic of paintings, drawings, and sculptures, big and small. It’s always refreshing to see new names supported among familiar faces Junko Mizuno, Nathan Ota, Aya Masuda, and Shark Toof. “Everyone looks at this show for new and interesting artists”, stated owner Billy Shire. (I personally can’t wait to see more from artists Jeaneen Carlino, Eunbyul Kwak, and Hui Tan.) The following photos only touch the surface. “Everything But The Kitschen Sync” exhibits at La Luz de Jesus until March 27th, 2011. – Caro

Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros (“The End”, “The True Ending: Princes”, “The True Ending: Princesses”)

Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros (“Drunk on Love”)

Greg Brotherine (“Listening In”)

Left to right: Evan Chambers (“Diving Bell Desk Lamp”, “Hawk Rocket Desk Lamp”, “Octopus Space Pistol”, “Opium Gazer Desk Lamp”)

Aya Masuda (“Marimo, the Tide-Fighter”)

Left to right: Vanessa Flores (“Imakitty”), Blue Broxton (“Androgny #1”), Ashley Harrison (“Dead”), Bryce Takara (“Wandering”), Edith Waddell (“Bunny Conqueror of Death”), Carl Lozada (“Carnivalesque: Out of Reach”, “Carnivalesque: Sinking Feeling”), Patrick Star27 Deignan (“Tiny Drama”, Tiny Drama II”)

Portrait: JAW Cooper; Left to right: Celene Petrulak (“Red Tide”), Danni Shinya Luo (“Inland Empire: Year of the Rabbit”), Christine Wu (“Sink”, “Sink” (study)”, “Flail (study)”, “Float (study)”, “Float”)

Junko Mizuno (“Stomach”)

Eungyul Kwak (“Sinuosity”)

Left to right: Christina Paulos (“Hello, Sunshine”), Bree Hranek (“Goddess Bunnion”), Will Crane (“Give Me Something to Believe In (Through Rose Colored Glasses)”), Rachel Fujii (“It Will Be Winter Forever”), Aya Masuda (“Gaka Ika Ikazou”, “Marimo, the Tide-Fighter”)

Left to right: Edward Robin Coronel (“Daisy”), Carl Lozada (“Carnivalesque: Out of Reach”), Patrick Star27 Deignan (“Tiny Drama”), JoKa (“Drippin’ for Tippin’s”), Dimitri Drjuchin (“Woke Up on the Beach of Bloo Ocean”)

Don Fritz (“Wolf”)

Jeaneen Carlino (“Enchanted Shaman”)

Hui Tan (“Knot Game”)

Jesse Fillingham (“Struggle”)

Left to right: Jeff Gillette (“Cathedral”, “Autumn”), George Yepes (“Blue Catrina”), Damara Kaminecki (“Burn the Witch”, “Seated Sweetie”, “Forlorned Falcon”)

JAW Cooper (“Nectar”, “Thieves”, “Honey”) , Danni Shinya Luo (“Inland Empire: Year of the Rabbit”), Celene Petrulak (“Red Tide”), Christine Wu (“Sink”, “Sink” (study)”, “Flail (study)”, “Float (study)”, “Float”)

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