“Oh You Are Sick” A David Lynch Tribute

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Craww – “Blue”

Opening this evening at Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach, is an exciting new exhibition, “Oh You Are Sick”, a tribute to works of director David Lynch. Thirty five years ago Lynch directed the seminal surrealist film, “Eraserhead”, and has maintained his cult of personality status over the years with features such as “Dune”, “Blue Velvet”, “Mulholland Drive” and the “Twin Peaks” series. For “Oh You Are Sick”, Phone Booth Gallery has recruited some stellar talent to reinterpret Lynch’s works, artists such as Handiedan, Craww and Rich Kelly have all contributed original works for the show. To make the month long event even more excited, the gallery has teamed up with Long Beach Cinematheque to present special screenings of Lynch films, all of which will feature corresponding print releases. Get an exclusive first look at several of the works from the show here on Hi-Fructose.

Handiedan – “Lost Highway No. 2”

Rich Kelly – “Wild at Heart”

Doe Eyed Design – “Lost Highway”

Famous When Dead – “Rabbit”

{THS} – “Prom Queen”

Kevin Bannister – “Weird on top, red ants underneath”

Garry Booth – “I Am Not An Animal”

Nick Marquez – “We’ve Met Before”

Joe King – “Eraserhead”

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