The 2011 Hi-Fructose Invitational

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Femke Hiemstra

This coming Friday, March 11th, Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle Washington will be hosting the 2011 Hi-Fructose Invitational art show. Every year we compile a list of our favorite artists from the magazine’s past, present and future to present a look at the most groundbreaking and innovative work happening right now in the new contemporary movement. We’ve already shown you works by Jeremy Geddes (here), Rob Sato (here), Harma Heikens (here) and Scott Hove (here), and are very, very excited to debut the new works by Femke Hiemstra, Bob Dob, Aron Wiesenfeld, Kazuki Takamatzu, and Martin Wittfooth that were created exclusively for this years Invitational. Get a look at all the new pieces below and of course, stay tuned for more new works in the days to come!

Kazuki Takamatzu

Aaron Wiesenfeld

Bob Dob

Martin Wittfooth

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