Pulse NYC 2011

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The first booth we visited was headed by Joshua Liner Gallery and featured artist David Ellis. The centerpiece (pictured above) kinetic sculpture, ‘True Value (Paint fukket)’ in collaboration with composer Roberto Lange under the pseudonym ‘TR and ASH’. Arranged in a state of spillage and accident, the sculpture issued a layering of rhythmic sounds as the lids of paint cans and paint sticks moved to the beat, paying homage to the street music found in NYC subways and streets.

David Ellis via Joshua Liner Gallery

David Ellis via Joshua Liner Gallery

Sean Cheetham’s  incredibly rendered portraits including painter Natalia Fabia pictured above via Fouladi Projects.

Epic sculptures featuring cult cartoon icons, referencing the unearthed Chinese terra cotta army by artist Lizabeth Eva Rossof via Charlie James Gallery.

Gregory Euclide via David B. Smith Gallery

Christina Empedocles via David B. Smith Gallery

Catherine Bolduc via Galerie Sas

Catherine Bolduc via Galerie Sas

Andres Basurto via Lyons Wier Gallery 

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