The Art of Crystal Morey

by Danielle VogelPosted on

Exploring a delicate ecological poetics, Crystal Morey’s sculptures radiate the synergy between the earth and its human-animals. Morey’s women evoke a quiet activism; they are stoic, contemplative, and their eyes and posture harbor a physiological gaze that roots them, inextricably, to the earth they are a part of. Some are shingled in evergreens; others’ hips are belted in a halo of loam and the trembling shoots of grasses. Morey’s newest collection, March into the Sea, explores a kind of apocalyptic healing. Her sculptures ask us to consider reciprocity and reparation — How do we commune with the earth? How does the earth commune with us? and How can we contribute to a healthier equilibrium? – Danielle Vogel

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