POW WOW 2011

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Yesterday, Hi-Fructose returned from a week long sabbatical in Hawai’i where we were meeting up with some old friends and making some new ones at the second annual POW WOW (see our preview of the event here). A weekend long conference and art show (that culminated in a massive party of course), the event encouraged its audience to observe the behind the scenes processes of its in-and-outdoor installations and murals as a healthy blend of graffiti and canvas were created throughout the course of the weekend.

With artists like Ekundayo (who we featured in HF Vol. 9), Prime, and Kamea Hadar representing the vibrant Hawai’ian art scene and international appearances by Will Barras (UK), Meggs (Melbourne), Aaron de la Cruz (SF), 123 Klan (Montreal), Wu Yue (Paris) and Suitman (everywhere else) flying in, POW WOW has redefined the concept of the art show and is an event we can’t wait another year for.

Will Barras


123 Klan

“green bottles”


Aaron de la Cruz


Meggs x 123 Klan

Collaborative wall

Kamea Hadar and muse

The Grand Finale: collaborative wall being blacked out

Wu Yue putting on the finishing touches

See you next year!

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