The Art of Sandi Calistro

by Danielle VogelPosted on

Sandi Calistro is a painter, custom tattooist, and a curator at Kaze Gallery. She has made her home in Denver, Colorado where her latest exhibition of drawings opens March 1st at City, O’ City. Like her previous shows, this one features a cast of confident, chimeric, pin-up-esque beauties. Calistro’s women reside in a mysterious, solitary romance — at once seductively alluring and sensuously detached, the viewer knows that they are nothing more than a voyeur.

Through the contortion of the female form, Calistro explores themes of rootedness and unexpected fertilities. Many of her characters are delicately mutilated — their wounds unfurl small floral eruptions and seem to be culled by the ghosts of convulsive desire. – Danielle Vogel

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