Studio Visit with Michael Page

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Last week, Hi-Fructose jaunted over to the San Francisco studio of Michael Page (HF Vol. 12) to get a preview of his latest body of work, ‘Into Passing’. Since we last saw the artist at the Varnish Fine Art closing reception (seen here), Page has been pushing his painting even further, creating work that is even more stunning, haunting, and colorful, while also expanding into a three dimensional and physical manifestation of his subjects.

With ‘Into Passing’ we bear witness to the transitory phase of Page’s surreal worlds. His subjects dissipate into multi-hued rainbows of ether, their environment melting so vividly as to appear to be dripping off the wooden panels on which they are painted. Death and resurrections are explored as Page captures the spirit moving between the two worlds. The new works make their debut later this evening (Saturday, February 12th) at the Shooting Gallery, highly recommended. – Photography by Antonette Streeter.

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