The Art of Mary Iverson

by Ken HarmanPosted on

The shipping containers appear to be in rest, or perhaps they’re moving so quickly it’s hard to tell. Their routes spread out like a lattice, crisscrossing, intersecting and shooting off into the distance far beyond where the eye can see. The way the lines are mapped out one could only assume their trajectories to be the result of an engineer or architect’s deft hand, however their pathways are not the result of industry and planning but rather that of artist Mary Iverson.

Opening this weekend in White Walls‘ geometrically-inclined group show, ‘Linear Empires’, Iverson’s vision of a natural world overrun with commerce finds it’s sharp, fine lines muddled between either a history lesson on the industrial revolution, or an eerie blueprint of things to come. Get a preview of Iverson’s work in the show below.

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