Studio Visit with Frank Kozik

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The other day Hi-Fructose took a trip to the San Francisco studio artist of Frank Kozik. A storied and decades long career as a gig poster artist/revivalist and vinyl toy designer/trendsetter, Kozik’s utilization of both DIY punk rock inspired imagery and a polished and modern aesthetic has led to his reputation as a artistic powerhouse across multiple fields. From designing posters for bands such as Nirvana and the Beastie Boys in the ’90s to being the brains behind such popular vinyl toys as Kid Robot’s Labbit and Stalin busts, Kozik has managed to stay culturally significant, penetrating the lives and collections of art fans everywhere.

Needless to say, we were excited to check out his studio, see the new works he has created for his upcoming show at Rotofugi, and of course, to check out his awe-inspiring collection of rare vinyl figures. Photos by Hi-Fructose photog Antonette Streeter.

A variety of bronzes as well as Kozik’s original Dead Che bust

A one-of-a-kind customized AT-AT, still in progress.

A stunning new monotype, the one you see above is part of a multi-colored series of silkscreened prints on fiberglass that will make their debut at the upcoming “Stoner Fort” show coming this month to Rotofugi in Chicago.

Preliminary sketches


The beginnings of a custom piece for an upcoming group show… stay tuned to Hi-Fructose for more info on this one as it develops

A glimpse inside Kozik’s collection..

Things to do today….

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