3 London

by Ken HarmanPosted on

International powerhouses Pure Evil (London) and Suben (Barcelona) recently collaborated on the first of a trifecta of transcontinental group showings. Starting off the series with ‘3 London’ the two galleries brought together a healthy mix of some of the best artists living and working in UK and Spanish speaking worlds. From Ben Eine, Roa and Best Ever (UK) to Wendell McShine, Rodez, Rene Almanza and Edgar Argaez (Spain and South America) plus more, ‘3 London’ worked around within the parameters of deceptively simple concept: three shows, three countries, each artist making three works. The following two shows will be hitting Tokyo and Los Angeles next, stay tuned for Hi-Fructose as more info develops. In the meantime, get a look at select works from the show below.

Ben Eine


Rene Almanza



Wendell McShine

Best Ever

Edgar Argaez

Photos courtesy of Mathiew Kendrick

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