Sean Chao and Ming Ong’s ‘Forget Me Not’

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Our buddy Edwin Ushiro recently hipped us to a fun show now on view over at Giant Robot SF, ‘Forget Me Not’. Two Los Angeles based artists, Sean Chao and Ming Ong present an eclectic selection of sculpture and paintings, the combination of which vary greatly in medium between the two, yet somehow find a way to work cohesively and in conjunction with each other.

Chao’s sculpture provide a dioramic look into an imaginative, immersive and well rendered world full of whimsical folly with a fairytale-esque atmosphere. When we asked Edwin about the show, here’s what he told us about Ming Ong’s paintings: “Initially, Ming’s artwork appears to be sweet and charming. Then it hits you. Something is odd about these images. They feel less innocent. Like something bad has or is about to occur.”

‘Forget Me Not’ closes soon, February 2nd, however it looks to certainly stand out in the memories of those who manage to get to see it in person..

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