The Art of Sam Wolfe Connelly

by Zach TutorPosted on

Sam Wolfe Connelly is a fresh newtalent. His pieces provoke strange corners of the mind to becomealive and the thoughts that crawl outwards are both beautiful andrichly haunting. “I wish I could draw only sad and scary things forthe rest of my life,” Connelly says when asked about his work. Fairytales and mythology, poets and scribes, love and death – they all takeshape throughout Sam’s work, each piece masterly composed. This youngartist is certainly one to take note of, The Society of Illustrators seem to agree as they’verecently featured nine of his pieces in their 49th Annual IllustrationWest Exhibition. Connelly is planning a move to NYC with his two petrats in the near future.

Hi-Fructose correspondent Zach Tutor takes a look at Connelly’s work below.

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