Jesse Hazelip’s Belle of the Brawl

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Oakland based street artist Jesse Hazelip debuted his latest solo endeavor this Martin Luther King weekend with Belle of the Brawl at 941 Geary in San Francisco. When we last saw Jesse, you may remember we went out wheat pasting with him a few months back (here), Hazelip hinted at the upcoming demise and eventual evolution of his characters.

With this new body of work we not only see an expansion into the colorful side of the series with several black light pieces, but also the introduction of new animals (horses) and even get a glimpse into a softer side of the characters as two of Hazelip’s herons have seem to have found love.. Hi-Fructose correspondent Antonette Streeter was on hand at the opening, get a look at her shots of the installation and works below.

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