The Collages of Alexis Anne Mackenzie

by JL SchnabelPosted on

Culled from biological resources and Victorianillustrations, the collages of Alexis Anne Mackenzie resonate with subtle poetryand curious imagery. Seamless in their construction, each collage bringstogether unrelated objects and images to form new and refreshing compositions. Mackenzie’snewer works focus on intricately formed texts; some spell out the titles ofold films while others stun with their simplicity. At first glancethe titles are hidden within the images that compose each word but yet are slowly revealed for their intriguing poetics. Mackenzie has recently released a book including 14 of her collages, OnWonderland & Waste, that was authored by Sandy Florian. Upcoming is a two- person show, Bloom & Gloom, opening on January 22, at Swarm Gallery with Katy Horan who we recently posted about here.


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