The Suckadelic Art Toy Universe

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Upon first glance a Suckadelic action figure strikes you as another humorous bootleg, one of those cheap knockoffs seen in the Far East of Western characters so absurdly off kilter that one can’t help to wonder how it’s misspelled packaging and off-colored characters could fool anyone. Upon second glance you’ll realize that Suckadelic toys are just that, and so very much more. The brainchild of the nefarious Sucklord, Suckadelic’s figures appear intentionally counterfeit, obviously violate numerous copyrighted characters, and most surprisingly, are all hand cast, limited edition and highly collectible.

On January 11th, the Sucklord is having his first retrospective show spanning a decade of biting consumer and collectible commentary at Boo-Hooray Gallery‘s pop-up spot in New York City. Knowing how over the top the products themselves are, expect the upcoming opening to feature a Suckadelic costumed cast as well as a variety of show-exclusive figures, books and art.

Get a look at some past Suckadelic figures, as well as a look into the mysterious Sucklord’s studio, below

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