Charles Binger’s A Pulp Life

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Just one glance at the sultry and seductive looks of the ladies in “The Lament for Four Virgins” (above) and it doesn’t take a private dick to figure out that very few golden era artists capture the true spirit of the pulp like Charles Binger. With an impressive body of work ranging from science fiction (Bradbury and Huxley) to Marylin Monroe movie one-sheets, Binger’s illustrative ability and mastery of oils has caught the eye of La Luz Gallery, where they’ll be hosting the very first exhibition of the deceased artist’s works in over 45 years. “A Pulp Life”, Binger’s retrospective of original book cover paintings, sketches and portraiture, opens on January 7th, get a look at a few more pieces from the show after the jump.

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