KidGaucho – Please Stand By

by Nathan SpoorPosted on

Following two months of hard working and diligent creativity, KidGaucho has unveiled their latest large-scale installation. The new work premiers at the Outsider BA Festival at Elettrica (an old abandoned factory) situated in la Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. A designer and artist team from Buenos Aires formed in 2002, KidGaucho is comprised of Lucas Lasnier (Parbo) and Andrés Bonavera (Larva). The artists called the exhibition / installation Please Stand By in order to “show the abuse of communication that the media continues to spread. The caterpillar blows up from a TV with rage and contains all the garbage that the media spit and all the distortional content that we all consume and absorb. In contraposition with this, we confront the huge volume of the caterpillar with an innocent, immaculate and pure little child that seems to domesticate the unstoppable worm with her hand full of corn.”

The following images, sent to HF by these fine fellows, were taken at the opening on Friday, December 10th,. The Outsider Festival event lasted three days and was visited by thousands. KidGaucho showed alongside this art festival with the French artists VisualSystem, the Draytones and many other local Buenos Aires artists.

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