New Works by Robert Hardgrave

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Robert Hardgrave (HF Vol. 8), whose solo show “Momentous” we saw earlier this year, returns with a new body of work, “Relic”. Debuting at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver next Friday (December 17th), Hardgrave had this to say about his latest: “Recently, my studiopractice has led me into new territories. Where I once pre-planned an ideabefore painting, I now require myself to approach what I’m doing as an“unknown.” What begins as a flat painting can now become something elseentirely. I allow myself the freedom to explore different configurations. Thecanvas is a starting place for a conversation that leads me to new insightsabout pictorial and sculptural forms. Pieces become surfaces that I can“destroy,” only to take their remains and build something new.”

Join Hardgrave on his spontaneous explorations as we take an exclusive and in-depth look into “Relic”, here on Hi-Fructose.


“Molar Pelt”





“Desert Still Life”

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